Welcome to Student Housing Plymouth!

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Fully Equipped Modern Kitchens

If you’re looking for student housing in Plymouth we have a range of privately owned shared houses close to The University of Plymouth.

Please go to our properties page to see the houses that are currently available.

Why choose us?

No Admin Fees

If you stay in halls or go with an agency you will likely be charged an admin fee when you sign the contract, which could take quite a bite out of your student loan before the year has even started. We’ve decided not to bother with them.

Low deposit

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All our properties have front rooms

Most agencies and other landlords will ask you for a several hundred pound deposit, we only require £100.

Short Contract

The average contract for student accommodation in Plymouth is for 11 months. We only require a 10 month contract, so you won’t be paying another months rent when you’re likely staying back home during the summer anyway. That will save you several hundred pounds each year!

Of course if you do need to stay on over the summer you can on a per month basis, and we’ll only charge you half price! (If you’re staying on next year but won’t be there at all over the summer, you can leave your stuff there free).

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